M.SC Mechanical Engineer

Led engineering departments of several companies in the United States and Europe conducting tasks such as: machine design, 3D modeling, FEA Analysis, structural calculations, R&D, technical drawing and technical specification documents.

Worked as project engineer and technical director on multiple projects at KNAPP Logistics & Automation, including the conceptual design, fabrication and commissioning of a highly automated inspection and counting system, resulting in three US$ 8 million projects for the company. Also worked as product manager for CMT (Composite Materials Technology).

Languages: Fluent English, Spanish and advanced German.



M.S. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with experience in maintenance, information systems and mechanical design. Proficient with CAD software (SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer). Completed a Master Degree in International Production Management in Hamburg (Germany) with scholarships granted by DAAD and Colfuturo. Experienced in machine design and automation, working for two years at Toral LTDA (Colombia). Also worked for Colcafé S.A (Colombia) as part of the team responsible for implementing and running SAP information system and lean manufacture programs.

Languages: Fluent Spanish, Advanced English and Basic German.



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